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K-12 Comprehensive Research Based Reading Plans

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The 2017-18 K-12 Reading Plans application is open.

Florida Statute 1011.62 requires school districts to write a K-12 Comprehensive Research-Based Reading Plan annually.Statute requires that the Just Read, Florida! office to review and approve plans which are tied to the reading allocation. These dollars may be spent on:

  1. The provision of an additional hour per day of intensive reading instruction to students in the 300 lowest-performing elementary schools by teachers and reading specialists who are effective in teaching reading.
  2. Kindergarten through grade 5 reading intervention teachers to provide intensive intervention during the school day and in the required extra hour for students identified as having a reading deficiency.
  3. The provision of highly qualified reading coaches to specifically support teachers in making instructional decisions based on student data, and improve teacher delivery of effective reading instruction, intervention, and reading in the content areas based on student need.
  4. Professional development for school district teachers in scientifically based reading instruction, including strategies to teach reading in content areas and with an emphasis on technical and informational text.
  5. The provision of summer reading camps for all students in kindergarten through grade 2 who demonstrate a reading deficiency as determined by district and state assessments, and students in grades 3 through 5 who score at Level 1 on the statewide, standardized reading assessment or, upon implementation, the English Language Arts assessment.
  6. The provision of supplemental instructional materials that are grounded in scientifically based reading research.
  7. The provision of intensive interventions for students in kindergarten through grade 12 who have been identified as having a reading deficiency or who are reading below grade level as determined by the statewide, standardized assessment.

To view each District’s K-12 Reading Plan click below on View District Plans. You may navigate district to district to view all K-12 Reading Plans in order to share best practices in the implementation of the K-12 Reading Plan across the state. The plans are for viewing purposes only and cannot be edited.

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